What We Do
Simply put, we aggregate best-in-class therapeutic and diagnostic MedTech products, services, and unique technologies targeting preventive care, chronic diseases and patient monitoring to China and around Asia.
For most companies and innovators and MedTech companies around the world, there are 3 typical paths to commercializing in China. Most will invest $1m to $10m before any revenues.
  • For blockbuster / high-end MedTech product…
    • Out-license China rights to specialized local company
    • Receive a lump sum licensing fee + milestone fees + 5%~20% royalties
    • Applies to a very small percentage of assets and these assets mainly exist within large MNCs
  • File patent / Register device through agents
    • Set up China entity or JV
    • Set up and staff offices in Beijing or Shanghai
    • Localize product
    • Export / OEM - sell to distributors
    • High cost/hurdle to establish in China and commercialize
    • $5 to $10m investment
    • 2-3 years before first $
  • For most one-asset owners / companies….
    • File patent / register device through agents
    • Find a local China rep to distribute device
    • Localize product
    • Export - sell to distributors
    • Low IP protection
    • Zero visibility to channels
    • $1m to $5m investment
    • 2-3 years before first $
For the right asset, we feel we have a better approach.
  • 1
    Evaluate Product / Service
    CLS continually engages its partners, investors and MNC network across the US, EU, Japan to source innovate MedTech products suitable for China.

    Once we identify a potential product or service, we do a comprehensive due diligence with our commercial partners, from registration, to manufacturing, to KOLs, to distribution to ensure that we have a high confidence in a successful China launch
  • 2
    China In-License Partnership
    Once we have decided on a product or a service, we then engage with the asset owner to structure a China / pan-Asia agreement that makes senses for both parties.

    In all cases, we will invest financial and other resources into the product and actively manage its China development and launch.
  • 3
    Develop and Commercialize
    Working with the asset’s owner, we will construct a China strategy and develop a go-to-market path. Working with academic, clinical, NMPA, registration and other partners, we have a large infrastructure in place to execute the development and commercialization.

    Once launched, we will actively manage the on-the-ground operations and manage the product in our portfolio.